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Here is our full range of Large Digital LED Displays

A to D (Analogue to Digital) Displays

Our LED Digital A to D Displays accept all standard industrial input signals Voltage and Current and all are  scalable. 

These LED displays will display any engineering units with decimal point position programmable.

Counters and Rate Displays

Our LED Digital Counters will accept standard input signals, contact closure, 24Vdc, NPN, PNP, Quadrature.

UP or DOWN, BATCH or TOTALISING count,  single line or multiline.

Timers and Totalisers

All Timers have a Time base in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and combinations. Long Range Timers with Years, Weeks and Days are also available. 

Typical functions are UP or DOWN timing, Totalising or Batch timing, TAKT timing, Repeat Cycle, One-Shot output.

Industrial Temperature Displays

These displays accept Industry Standard Thermocouple Inputs and 2/3 wire PT100/RTD sensors.   With a wide range of Temperature scale ranges in °C or °F.

Temperature and Humidity Displays

These Large Digital LED Displays combine Temperature and Humidity on two separate displays in a single case with an integral 4~20mA dual input sensor or a dual 0-10Vdc input signal.