How to contact Eagle Controls

We supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of Large Digital LED Displays available, with an estimate of over 900 bespoke and standard displays to offer our customers. Sales of our products are worldwide with sales, manufacturing and assembly facilities in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and the Far East.  We have thousands of displays operating worldwide in a hugely diverse range of applications and locations  sometimes in sub-zero environments.

Since 1963 we have grown our business with quality and adaptive products our two principal sales operations are in the UK and the USA.

The UK is the Head Office, for Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Far East,  while the US is the Head Office for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and South America. For UK Contact details  

Contact Eagle Controls – USA

US is the Head Office for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and South America.

5109 Wedgeway Drive
OH 45140

Cell: (513) 560-5262



Our products cover Industrial and Commercial applications and we are certain with our in- house experienced software,  electronic and mechanical design engineers we will be able to supply the right product for your application.   THESE COVER –

Selection of Large Digital LED Displays supplied by Eagle Controls

Large Digital LED A to D Process Displays

Standard industrial input signals ( Voltage or Current ) allow these displays to convert the signals into numerical data to represent any Engineering Units commonly used or less commonly used.

Counters & Totalizer Large Digital LED Displays

UP, DOWN, Totalising or Batch Counting.  TAKT Counting, Speed, Rate from numerous different signal inputs and from 2~12 digits with decimal point positioning.

Temperature Displays Large Digital LED Displays

Probably the most comprehensive range covering Industrial applications available today.  All standard industry input sensors are catered for and we also offer a sensor manufacturing service.  With Temperature ranges from -200~1600°C / -328~2192°F we have a Temperature Display for all applications.

Timers & Totalizer Large Digital LED Displays

Again a very comprehensive range to offer,  Timing and Totalising in HRS MINS SECS tens and hundredths of secs, and combinations of these,  UP or DOWN,  Batch Timing, Totalising, TAKT Timing and Long Range timing from Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hrs, Mins, Secs,   we have a Timer or Totalizer for every need.