Eagle Controls has been involved in the process controls industry since 1963. We now specialise in Large Digit LED Displays for Temperature Display, Control, Timing and Counting.

Group Large Digital Displays

In 1963 the company was founded with an exclusive distribution and sales agreement for the famous Eagle Signal Controls (USA) brand of Timers, Counters and Sequencers for the UK and later Europe.   The Eagle Signal brand of industrial controls was born out of its North American Traffic Control business,  which had 40% of the US and Canadian market.

Building on that product range Eagle Controls designed and manufactured its own range of industrial controls,  principally Temperature Control and Display,   which moved on to Timing, Counting and Process instrumentation.

Large Digital LED Displays

After several years of success and expansion in those areas we launched our range of Large Digital LED Displays which are the main activity of the company today. Due to our in house software capability and mechanical product design team,  we are able to offer BESPOKE solutions to countless problems and applications that cannot be purchased ‘ OFF THE SHELF ‘.

Over the decades we have seen giant leaps in the technologies available and have used these innovations wherever we can see a benefit to the performance of our products.   BUT we have never deviated from the philosophy of simplicity and ease of operation of our products,   which makes our customers come back time and time again.

International Standards

All our Large Digital LED Displays have attained many international recognised standards and we only use suppliers who meet these standards.   CE, UL, CSA, TUV,  ISO 9001 management certification.

Eagle Controls Approvals

We are proud that our products are specified by many major worldwide companies,  because we meet their standards of repeatability,   quality,  robustness ( in the harshest of environments ) and of course safety.

Nowadays our products are manufactured and assembled in the Far East,  UK,  Europe and the US.

US Sales Office Opens

In 2015 we opened our own US Sales Office in Cincinnati, for its central geographical location, which supplies Large Digital LED Displays in US,  Canada, Mexico and South America.

The UK office is the Head Office for the whole of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Far East while the US office is the Head Office for the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

However both the UK and US and Far East are closely connected and are always ( daily ) in conversation with one another on enquiries,  shipments and technical support.

Our Large Digit LED Display Customers

Our range of customers and their activities are very diverse – from FORT KNOX to Small Regional Theatres,   they all need to display DATA. 

Some of these better known companies are shown below:

Our Customers cover

Commerce, Construction, Education, Engineering, Government, Healthcare, Leisure, Manufacturing, Marine, Research, Science, Sports Arenas and Transport – you will find our displays world wide in applications as diverse as:

Air Conditioning
Amusement Parks
Automotive Production
Chemicals manufacturing
Cinema Chains
Cruise Ships

Energy Production
Fast Food Chains
Food Manufacturing
General Engineering
Government Establishments
Hotel Chains
Local Government

Manufacturing and Processing
Oil and Gas Production and Exploration
Petrochemical manufacturing
Plastic Manufacturing
Port Authorities
Super Tankers
Schools and Universities
Sports Arena and Clubs

Our Large Digit LED Displays Range

All off these activities require Large Digital LED Displays to provide information from our range of:

Large digit LED serial input display

The Uses of our large Digital Displays are Numerous

  • Displaying important Engineering Data such as Flow, Pressure, Weight, Distance, Temperature etc.
  • Counting of Product made against Target or simply Totalising
  • Production displays that provide a multitude of data for LEAN MANUFACTURING
  • Display of critical Temperatures in any Process and Food manufacture and storage
  • Timing an event UP or DOWN in processes or sports, or Totalising time elapsed

Here is our full range of Large Digital LED Displays

A to D (Analogue to Digital) Displays

Our LED Digital A to D Displays accept all standard industrial input signals Voltage and Current and all are  scalable. 

These LED displays will display any engineering units with decimal point position programmable.

Counters and Rate Displays

Our LED Digital Counters will accept standard input signals, contact closure, 24Vdc, NPN, PNP, Quadrature.

UP or DOWN, BATCH or TOTALISING count,  single line or multiline.

Timers and Totalisers

All Timers have a Time base in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and combinations. Long Range Timers with Years, Weeks and Days are also available. 

Typical functions are UP or DOWN timing, Totalising or Batch timing, TAKT timing, Repeat Cycle, One-Shot output.

Industrial Temperature Displays

These displays accept Industry Standard Thermocouple Inputs and 2/3 wire PT100/RTD sensors.   With a wide range of Temperature scale ranges in °C or °F.

Temperature and Humidity Displays

These Large Digital LED Displays combine Temperature and Humidity on two separate displays in a single case with an integral 4~20mA dual input sensor or a dual 0-10Vdc input signal.

How Can We Help?

One of our strengths is being able to design bespoke Large Digital LED Displays around our standard software and mechanical designs, to meet your exact requirements.


One display or many displays, our experienced technical staff will discuss and assist you in achieving exactly what you require, we will guide you on what is the easiest, least expensive and easy to operate solution.

We have a very experienced team of software and mechanical engineers, who get involved from any project from the beginning.


Please call our Sales Office or email your outline specification and we will acknowledge your request the same day.   Let us then discuss with you the finer details.   We are also able to visit you with demonstration units if required.

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